Quick Launch Your Pelican Static Website With Skyrocket 🚀

Pelican 4 Support 🐣

Tested with Pelican 4.2. Includes a script to initialise virtualenv and install Pelican and required packages.

Sample Content 📄

Includes a page and a blog post with metadata. You can use them as templates for creating new pages or blog posts. Template also includes sample images that you case use as cover images.

Markdown Support 📝

Markdown plus extensions are enabled, so you get nice curly “quotes”, permalinks , syntax highlighting and more.

Responsive Theme 📱

Includes a modern theme with an automatic dark mode.

Author Profiles ✍️

Author’s profile page can include cover image, avatar, summary, location, links to website and social media accounts.

404 Page ❗

Displayed when a page or post cannot be found.

Next & Previous Posts ▶

Navigation links for next and previous posts at the end of blog posts.

RSS Feeds 📰

Enabled by default. Here is the RSS feed of this website.

Cover Images 🖼️

Can be set for the home page, blog posts, pages, tag, category, tags, categories and archives. Can be enabled for individual posts or pages. If you don’t need cover image support, you can disable it completely.

The following features can all be enabled with a configuration setting

Blog Comments 💬

Supports Commento and Disqus.

Contact Page 📮

When enabled, a page will be added to the navigation menu. Powered by Formspree.

Email Subscribers ✉️

Powered by Mailchimp.

Accessible from website’s menu.
Powered by DuckDuckGo.

Google Analytics 📈